Elect A Pure Libertarian to Israel’s Parliament

Yes, NON-Israeli Jews CAN Vote

I am Rafi Farber, I am a libertarian, and I am running for Israel’s parliament, the Knesset. You may remember me from my LewRockwell article Vote Ron Paul and Let My People Go! 

I only need about 250 votes to win a seat in Knesset. That’s it. And yes, any Jew in the world CAN vote for me, even, and especially if you are NOT an Israeli citizen or resident. How exactly? Very short version: by joining our StartSomeGood campaign. Details there.

For exactly how this works and why I only need 250 votes…  Read More...

First, my platform is extremely simple, liberty-focused, and straightforward. I will never veer from this platform. That is my word not as a politician, but as a libertarian.

How does this work and why do I only need 250 votes?

There is a new libertarian-leaning political party in Israel called Zehut. It is currently polling at 12-15 seats. The identity of the people who will occupy these seats in Knesset will be determined in Zehut Party primaries on September 12, before general Israeli elections, which can happen at any time. Most of these slots will be determined by Israeli citizen members of the Zehut Party. But one slot – slot #10 – will be determined by Zehut International members only. Zehut International members need only be Jewish to vote, but need not be Israeli citizens, or even live in Israel. (See “Who Is Considered Jewish For Purposes of Voting Membership” at FAQ.)

There are currently less than 250 Zehut International members in the world who will determine who wins slot #10 on the Zehut Party Knesset list. I have been a member of this movement in its various incarnations for nearly 10 years – longer than my main opponent – and I do have a good level of support in the party domestically. However, my opponent, someone akin to a conservative Republican in American terms, is a skilled politician and well-known in the diaspora Jewish world.

In short I need the support of 250 Jewish libertarians internationally in order to ensure victory. Our goal then is to sign up 250 Jewish libertarians all together to Zehut International in order to ensure that I win this slot over my opponent. Then, if Zehut wins at least 10 seats in the next election (a very strong possibility as Zehut is already polling at 12-15 seats) a pure libertarian will get a seat in the Knesset for the first time in history.

To that end, we have begun a StartSomeGood campaign. $130 will buy you membership in Zehut International, good for one vote in the Zehut primaries for slot #10 on the Zehut Knesset list. $235 will buy your whole family membership, with spouse and children over 18 who live with you all eligible to vote in the Zehut International primaries on September 12.

We estimate that it will take about 250 votes to win slot #10 for libertarians, so our goal in dollar terms is 130×250 = $32,500. No one will be charged if our goal is not reached. You will only be charged if the StartSomeGood campaign reaches threshold and my chances of victory in these primaries are assured. We do not want to see your money wasted.

We respectfully ask that you only pledge to this StartSomeGood campaign if you are Jewish, with “Jewish” being defined very loosely on an honors system basis. (See exactly what “Jewish” means here, and how you can still provide invaluable help to the campaign if you are not Jewish.) Though membership in Zehut International is open to anyone – Jew and gentile alike – it won’t help my status in the party if it is obvious that gentiles are the ones primarily supporting my candidacy.

If you choose to be part of our StartSomeGood campaign, you will be asked for a physical address and phone number in order for us to complete the Zehut International membership form at the conclusion of the campaign, and you will be notified via email leading up to primary day to vote on September 12.