About Rafi

I have been a libertarian since 2011 when I discovered Ron Paul. I was active in the Ron Paul 2012 campaign, participating financially in all money bombs. Most notably I contributed as a writer. My piece on LRC was read by about 100,000 people judging by the reaction I got and the number of comments in my inbox. Dr. Walter Block of Loyola University, a Mises Institute Fellow and personal friend of Ron Paul’s, has called it the best piece on Ron Paul ever written, not to toot my own horn. (I don’t think it’s that good, but I’d say it’s alright.)

My relationship with the Zehut Party dates back to 2008 when I got to know Moshe Feiglin, the man who is now Zehut’s leader. I was his neighbor, literally right next door, for 7 years during which time I educated myself on Austrian economics, reading primarily Mises and Rothbard, though mostly Rothbard.

Regarding Rothbard, I am a coauthor of a scholarly paper together with Dr. Walter Block of Loyola University and economics student Alan Futerman entitled The Legal Status of the State of Israel, A Libertarian Approach, which systematically defends Israel against Rothbard’s attacks laid out in his 1967 article War Guilt in the Middle East. Despite my disagreements with Rothbard on this matter, I still consider Murray Rothbard my intellectual mentor in matters of economics and libertarianism.

In any case, I did my best these past 7 years to teach Feiglin the principles of Austrian economics and I believe I have succeeded. Feiglin and I would drive together every month to the Temple Mount, during which time we would argue about the role of government and economic and praxeological principles.

Rafi in blue with Moshe Feiglin on the right, and Aryeh Sonnenberg, Zehut International director 2nd to left

Needless to say, Feiglin and I do not agree on everything, but we respect each other and I will work together with him on what we do agree on, which is most things. Now, 7 years later, it’s time for me to keep an eye on him in the Knesset, because in the Knesset I will be able to continually guide him in a more Austro-libertarian direction.

I have a firm grasp of monetary theory, on which I have written extensively at The Jewish Libertarian.

I am lucky to be married with great kids, thank God. I am a religious Jew who has tried to mesh Halachically observant Judaism with libertarianism. I believe Judaism’s central message is liberty, since all of Jewish national existence is based on the Exodus from Egypt, a story that established the total illegitimacy of slavery for all humanity as we are all created by One God. This is our message to the world as Jews, and I believe that God’s calling for the Jews as a People is to spread liberty throughout the world by making Israel a fully libertarian country for all who live here.

And if that isn’t God’s calling for the Jews (I’m not a prophet so I can never know for sure), then I still think it’s a pretty good goal!