How is it possible that people who are not Israeli citizens or residents can vote in an Israeli election?

These are not Israeli elections. These are private primaries that precede Israeli elections, and private primaries can be conducted in any way a party sees fit. Zehut has decided to reserve slot #10 on its list for a candidate to be voted on by any Jew in the world who wishes to become a Zehut International member, either within Israel or in the diaspora. That means if you are Jewish and libertarian and you want to see a libertarian in the Israeli Knesset, YOU can vote for me in these primaries.

Can I join Zehut International and vote for you even if I am not Jewish?

Yes you can but we politely ask that you not do so. You can, however, notify and sign up your Jewish libertarian friends to the StartSomeGood campaign so they can join Zehut International and vote for me. The reason we ask that gentiles not sign up for membership directly is that it would not benefit my status in the party if gentiles are my primary supporters. Ultimately, that support could backfire, and we do not want to see that happen. We would appreciate any other form of support you can give, monetary or publicity-wise, and any help you can give in terms of signing Jewish libertarians up to this campaign. In terms of voting though, we humbly ask that only Jews become members of Zehut International for the purposes of actual voting.

Who is considered Jewish for the purposes of voting membership?

“Jewish” here is defined very loosely. If you have a Jewish mother or maternal grandmother, you are Jewish by any definition, whether involved in the Jewish community or not at all, or whether you are a theist or an atheist. If, however, you have only a Jewish father but you are connected to the Jewish community and you consider yourself Jewish, that still counts as Jewish for membership and voting purposes. If you have had a Jewish conversion by any recognized mainstream Jewish movement (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform etc.) that counts, too. If you are in the process of conversion and you consider yourself connected and part of the Jewish community, that counts as well. For any specific questions, please email farber4knesset@gmail.com and we will be glad to answer them.

How do you know if any given Zehut International member is Jewish?

We do not know. It’s all honors system. But, if your name is Christopher Christianson for example and you live in Wyoming, it could create problems for me for the purposes of the Zehut International primaries.

How can I help the campaign if I am not Jewish?

You can help enormously by notifying and signing up your Jewish libertarian friends and acquaintances to the StartSomeGood campaign either by notifying them directly, or by publicizing the campaign via social media or your blog.

If I am Jewish but my spouse is not, can I sign up for a family membership for both of us?

YES you certainly can, provided that your spouse considers him or herself connected to the Jewish community, for example if you have mutually agreed to raise your children as Jews with Jewish customs.

If I was born Jewish but I do not consider myself Jewish, can I still vote for you in the Zehut International primaries?

YES. If you were born Jewish, then regardless of your personal lifestyle, you can vote for me in these primaries.

Can I become a Zehut International member if I live in Israel and I AM an Israeli citizen?

YES you can. Zehut International membership is open to any Jewish person in the world.

Can I vote for you for slot #10 if I am only a regular Zehut party member, but NOT a Zehut International member?

Only Zehut International members can vote in the primaries for slot #10. If you are a Zehut party member only, you must ALSO be a Zehut International member in order to vote in these specific primaries. Zehut and Zehut International are distinct and different memberships. Israeli citizens can be members of both, or one or the other. Non Israeli citizens can only be members of Zehut International, but not Zehut proper.

Where is the $32,500 going?

After 8% is taken off for StartSomeGood fees, the other 92% is going to Zehut International along with a spreadsheet of all campaign participants and relevant information for membership. All participants who donate at least $130 will become Zehut International members with a right to vote in the primaries in accordance with the level of membership bought – either $130 for one or $235 for a couple or family, as applicable.

Can I become a Zehut International member directly, without pledging to the StartSomeGood campaign?

YES, absolutely. You can do so by clicking here. In fact, you will save 8% by doing this, since we do not have to pay any StartSomeGood fees for direct memberships. If you choose to do this, please let us know so we can keep track of our number of supporters and fill it in at StartSomeGood ourselves to complete the campaign! You can do so by emailing farber4knesset@gmail.com. If you don’t contact us in that case, the StartSomeGood campaign may fail and I may have to withdraw my candidacy for slot #10 as a result, not knowing that you signed up to vote for me!

Can I join the StartSomeGood campaign by donating a different amount besides $130 or $235?

Yes. We are glad to accept any monetary contribution. However, if you want the right to vote in the Zehut International primaries, a minimum donation of $130 is required so we can register you as a member.

How do I sign up my spouse and children over 18?

You can do this by joining the campaign with a $235 donation, or by joining Zehut International directly for $216. If you choose to sign up directly and not through StartSomeGood, please notify us so we can fill in the campaign and record your support. Please provide us with the name of your spouse and children over 18 by emailing farber4knesset@gmail.com

Will you campaign directly to current members of Zehut International?

Yes, and I do expect to win some of them over to our side. I have been with this respectable liberty-minded group of people for nearly 10 years, while my main opponent has left us in the past to seek his political fortunes elsewhere, only to return later when the grass seemed greener again. While I do expect to get some votes from current members, victory can only be assured for slot #10 if 250 libertarian Jews sign up for Zehut International membership committed to vote for me.

When are general Israeli elections? 

Due to the nature of the Israeli parliamentary system, there is no definite set date for elections. However, they could be as soon as three months from now, depending on if and when the government falls. Historically, nearly every Israeli government has fallen before serving out its full term.

When are the Zehut International primaries and how will I vote come the time?

Primaries will be held September 12. You will be able to vote by logging in to the Zehut International website membership page and choosing a candidate online. We will be contacting you by email as primary day approaches.

Will I be able to vote for Zehut in the general Israeli elections to help ensure it gets 10 seats?

Only if you are an Israeli citizen and resident. Non Israeli citizens and residents may only vote in these special primaries for slot #10 on the Zehut Knesset list. After that, you will have to rely on Israeli citizens to vote for the Zehut Party in general elections for me to get in. Zehut is currently polling at 12-15 seats, so this should not be a problem.

If you get the most votes and win the 10th slot, what are your chances of actually getting into the Knesset?

Zehut would need at least 10 seats in the event that I win the #10 primary slot. The chances of that are pretty good, but it is impossible to know exactly. In the end, it comes down to this: If you want to see a pure libertarian in the Israeli parliament, becoming a Zehut International member and voting for me is the absolute best and possibly the only chance to ever see that happen. 

If you don’t win slot #10, which slot will you get?

The candidate with the second most votes in these primaries will get slot #20, the third will get slot #30 and so on. Slot #10 is very realistic. Slot #20 is a long shot, and slot #30 is probably unrealistic.

If the StartSomeGood campaign reaches a high number but not necessarily 250, what happens then?

We plan to keep abreast of the number of Zehut International members and Knesset candidates running for the slot as voting day approaches. Depending on how many members and candidates for slot #10 are signed up by June, we will know a more exact number required to ensure my victory as primary day nears. We will play it by ear, but 250 is a very liberal estimate assuming I only have one opponent. If however, for example, it turns out that 200 votes will be enough judging by the number of members and the number of candidates running, and the StartSomeGood campaign already has 200 pledges of $130, we will manually fill in the rest and trigger the campaign.

If you will not accept a Knesset salary, how will you earn money?

I plan to continue my writing career though not full time obviously. Essentially though, I have always lived by the Jewish principle that you may test God in money matters if you give 10% of your income in charity. I always have, and I have always had enough money, thank God. I expect that God will work everything out in His own way if I do the right thing. I am a man of faith. I cannot, however, touch State money directly for my own psychological health. These are my own standards and I cannot break them without harming what makes me fundamentally me.

What is your stance on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict?

My stance is similar to the Zehut Party platform, but not exactly the same. I am not beholden to any platform except the Non Aggression Principle. I am a libertarian first, Zehut member second. In any case, first, all Israeli military occupation must end. Anyone – Jew or Arab – must have the right to build on any vacant land in any territory currently under the control of the Israeli State or its army. Voluntary Arab emigration is acceptable, and I would support a budget-neutral State compensation package for any and all Arab families that wish to move out of the currently military occupied territories, or out of Israel proper. This would be purely voluntary however. At the same time, I would fight tooth and nail against any forced transfer of any person, Jew or Arab, from any homesteaded land, and will fight for just compensation and return to the owners of any verifiably stolen land, regardless of ethnicity or religion. I will be the first in line physically to stop any forced transfer of anyone from their private property, Jew or Arab.