My Platform

As a Knesset Member, I will not accept a shekel in tax money in salary or direct benefits. I will defend the liberty of all human beings in Israel for free. Half of any salary I receive will go to the Mises Institute, and the other half to Zehut.

As a Knesset Member I will always vote against any law that decreases liberty for the people of Israel or increases the power of the State of Israel. That means any law that increases either spending or taxes, I will always vote against without exception. Any law that increases government interference in our lives, I will also always vote against.

I will always vote for any law that increases liberty for the people of Israel or decreases the power of the State. That means I will always vote for any tax or spending cut without exception, regardless of which taxes or spending is being cut. As long as it lowers the overall tax or spending level of the State of Israel, I will support it. Any law that restrains the Israeli government from interfering in our lives in whatever way, I will always support.

I will be impervious to any lobby or special interest group seeking to grow government. They need not even come to my office. They will not be invited. 

Any law that both increases and decreases liberty, or both increases and decreases the power of the State in certain respects, I will have to judge on a case-by-case basis. I will explain each decision I have made, and I will be open to discussion about it before voting with whoever wants to speak with me about it.

I will not be subject to any coalition discipline from anybody, not even Zehut Party leader Moshe Feiglin, though I will respectfully consider his views. I will make my decisions independently of any political pressure from anyone. I look forward to being sanctioned and censured for this behavior. Maybe they’ll even cut off my salary that I refuse to accept anyway.

As a Knesset Member, I will defend the libertarian Non Aggression Principle (NAP) to the best of my ability, in all cases without exception.

The 7 specific goals for my tenure in terms of active legislation will be:

  1. To end all foreign government aid to Israel so that foreign taxpayers are no longer involved in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict against their will, and so that no government has that kind of leverage over Israel to interfere in regional affairs here.
  2. To legalize gold, silver and bitcoin as legal tender in payment of taxes. This will practically eliminate inflation as the Bank of Israel will no longer have a monopoly over the money supply.
  3. To end all Israeli military occupation of any territory currently under the control of the State of Israel.
  4. To end the 3-year mandatory draft into the Israel Defense Forces so no one is forced into the IDF against their will, whether they are a conscientious objector from the Left, an ultra Orthodox Haredi from the Right, or just a guy that really doesn’t feel like being a slave for 3 years in the IDF and would rather do something else with his time on Earth.  
  5. To ensure that every person has the explicit right to bear arms privately and defend his family as he sees fit.
  6. To end the State monopoly over all utilities, especially the dwindling water supply, and to legalize private collection of rainwater and the private production of electricity.
  7. To separate Synagogue and State absolutely by eliminating the Rabbanut entirely so that no tax-funded Rabbi can reach into any of our pockets against our will ever again, or tell us who we can or cannot marry or divorce, or what we can and cannot eat, or what is kosher and what is not. We can all decide these things for ourselves without being patronized and humiliated by so-called “holy men”.  

Do I expect to accomplish these specific legislative goals? With luck and God’s help, perhaps the first and fourth, but the rest no. Like Ron Paul, my expectations are extremely low in terms of practical legislation. But I do expect to be an uncompromising voice for true liberty, and galvanize the libertarian movement in Israel into something that, eventually, can shrink the Israeli State down to minarchist size (police, army, and courts) for starters.